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  • Are you just looking for an advice? Call us or write to us, we will gladly help you.

Whether your question concerns truss treatment, woodworm in the furniture, moldy loft, dry rot in the foundations or walls, "crunchy" sounds coming from wooden rafters, etc. - we are here to assist you.

Truss inspection

  • We will agree upon a date and come to inspect your truss free of charge. The professional truss inspection, including advice on site, is free of charge, travel costs (gasoline) are subject to a previous mutual agreement on the phone.
  • We will find out the state of the truss (technical condition, humidity, ventilation, rain-water leaking) and whether the truss is being attacked by dry rot, woodworm, wood-destroying insects, molds, wood-decay fungi, etc.
  • If the truss is attacked, we will suggest an appropriate way of treatment and its cost.
  • The inspection takes ca. 1 - 2 hours, depending on the size of the truss.

Is your truss attacked? Small round holes in the beams, strewed sawdust under the beams, white spots or bunches on the wood - all these are indications of an attacked truss.

Truss treatment

  • We clean the wood from dust, dirt and bird guano. We remove an old paint on the wood, if present.
  • We carry out a repeated impregnation of the truss with selected protective and liquidating agent. We also reach into hardly-accessible places. The impregnation must be performed in multiple rounds, with special concentrations of the agent, in order to achieve a proper soaking and drying effect.
  • It is advisory to perform the treatment on a warm an dry day. Only spring, summer and autumn months are possible.
  • The treatment process takes several hours to several days, depending on the extent of the truss. In case of a commonly-sized detached house, the time-frame is typically one day.
  • It is of course possible to inspect the truss during the treatment and see the process.
  • After the impregnation has dried up and the attic has been ventilated, the environment is clean and safe.

The treatment can be performed as a liquidation of pests, or as a preventive measure (while the truss is still not attacked by any pests). After the treatment, the truss becomes resistant to pest attacks for a long time.

Price of the treatment

  • We determine the price based on the truss size (wood surface area), the necessary amount of the agent and the way of treatment.
  • For an exact determination of the price, it is necessary to inspect the truss, measure its wood-surface area and identify the way of treatment.
  • Our price per square meter of wood is among the lowest in the Czech Republic.
  • In case of a common-size detached house, the price lies app. in the range of CZK 8 000 - CZK 22 000. The price is higher with bigger buildings or trusses.

The cost of the treatment is negligible in comparison with the cost of a potential beam replacement or roof reconstruction. A well-treated and maintained truss can last for decades, so the investment into its treatment surely pays off.

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